Solea Restaurant & Tapas Bar, Waltham MA (06/12/2021)

Booked on OpenTable and chosen because tapas works really well for us. One on keto (well, not this week), one kosher, one low fat and one anything. So we can make a bunch of choices and everyone’s happy.

We were seated at a big table in the back and yeah, the big table helped. When you’ve got five plates of food and we’re all reaching and eating, bigger helps.

Olives to start was great. I don’t usually like olives but these were delicious. And the churros for dessert was great as well, with a small pot of chocolate for dipping.

I don’t remember what else we had, sorry. Other than the “full” paella and that was huge and delicious. Our waitress kindly split the leftovers in half and that made for a nice lunch the next day.

Great food, great service, superb company. I’d return to Solea for sure.


[Review 15229 overall, 731 of 2021, number 1091 in Massachusetts.]

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