Nubble Lighthouse, York, ME (04/11/21)

The southernmost lighthouse in Maine that you can see from land, Nubble is actually on a small island a hundred yards or so away from the park. There is a little cable car thing that is likely only used for transporting supplies. It doesn’t look sturdy enough for a person.

We were here at 9am, so there was good light and the lighthouse was not backlit. That gave us some great photos, though of course, you can only see one side of it.

Officially the Cape Neddick Light, it completed construction in 1837 and is 41 feet tall. The light is 88 feet above sea level and has a range of 13 miles. The parking lot here is massive and the rocky area around it is decently accessible so that you can get maybe 100 degrees of angle for the lighthouse. There are some benches if you just want to drink a coffee and look at it.

If you’re coming up from Massachusetts and need to see a lighthouse, this is a good one as it is close. But as lighthouses go, there are others that are more accessible though further away. The Portland Head Light would be my recommendation if you want to get personal with one but that’s an hour north of here.

[Round number review 14900 overall, 402 of 2021, number 82 in Maine.]

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