Da Hong Pao, Washington, DC (11/20/19)

I searched for authentic Chinese and found it here at Da Hong Pao. Not very busy on a Sunday evening, but they took great care of us and the food was delicious.

We ordered way too much of course but it was all great. Chicken fried rice, steamed Chinese broccoli, a half Peking duck and spicy orange beef. The duck came with six bao and the appropriate sauces and cucumber slivers. It was just as good as the duck I had in Beijing two years back (I’d share the review but there’s no Yelp in Mainland China). The beef was a little sweet but it was definitely tasty.

I really enjoyed this meal and would return to Da Hong Pao.

[Review 14294 overall, 1618 of 2020, number 104 in Washington.]

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Link: https://www.yelp.com/biz/da-hong-pao-washington?hrid=9QpcKWLuKIkmhYpBAgCjCA

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