Dixie Cup Water Tower, Lexington, KY (7/18/19)

When you need to have a water tower, why not make the shape of the water tower something different and something that matters locally. For example, in Gaffney SC which has a big peach growing community, there’s the Peachoid that looks like a giant peach as you drive by on I-85 https://www.yelp.com/biz/peachoid-water-tower-gaffney?hrid=1yVcejo353VlCHINw7YWGw and just outside Charlotte, the baseball that is close to where the Charlotte Knights baseball team played https://www.yelp.com/biz/baseball-water-tower-fort-mill?hrid=uxn7C0DT4bFlhJA2mivOcg and in Ypsilanti MI, it’s a giant penis because reasons https://www.yelp.com/biz/ypsilanti-water-tower-ypsilanti?hrid=n7mkjkQ-PxF4OICBGQLo6Q.

So here on the property of what is now operated by the Georgia-Pacific company, where they manufacture Dixie Cups, they’ve made their water tower in the shape of a giant Dixie Cup. It’s cute and you can’t miss it.

You can see it from two sides. One is the YRC Freight parking lot at 444 Transport Court (public property) and the other is along this semi-private road that leads into the GP factory at 451 Harbison Road. Where the Sun is will determine which one works better for you. You can stop at either location, but I would not recommend sticking around for too long.

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Link: Dixie Cup Water Tower, Lexington, KY (7/18/19)

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