Castello della Zisa, Palermo, Sicily (2/3/19)

Impressive from the outside and impressive from the inside. €6 for entry and worth it. This beautiful castle is pretty much wide open and self-tourable. It is set up with a clear walk through path so that you can see it inside and out, though you will be climbing some narrow stairs and walking some narrow hallways to visit the upper levels.

Well worth it and accessible from the historic district but we were here by car and lucked out for parking.

The castle is part of the UNESCO site. Construction began in the 12th century. Definitely inspired by Moorish architecture, there are a number of Islamic art pieces and tools on display.

Well worth an hour of your time to view and tour.

[Review 12817 overall, 131 of 2020.]

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Link: Castello della Zisa, Palermo, IT (2/3/19)

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