Brew Wild Pizza Bar, Madrid, ES (12/21/19)

I completely fell off the keto wagon my last night in Madrid. After a weekend of tapas and Iberico and the like, we went all out for pizza.

Me and two of my travel buddies met up here and managed to luck out with three seats at the bar. Service was decent though not great. A little slow for beer refills but it worked out okay overall.

Beers and pizza at the bar were very good. An excellent variety of beers including IPAs, APAs, Lagers, DIPAs, Brown Ale, Stour, Sour and a Hefeweizen that I throughly enjoyed. We went through a spicy diavola and a pancetta/cebolla like they were nothing. Thin crust, medium toppings, tons of flavor. All the carbs!

Three pizzas, at least ten beers between the three of us and the total was under €50. Good stuff!

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