Norman Love Confections – McGregor,, Fort Myers, FL (11/19/19)

So many carbohydrates, beautiful displays in a nice little lounge layout. They have chocolates, truffles, pastries, chocolates, even wine.

None of that works for me, but Mom wanted gelato and that seems to be increasingly rare in the Fort Myers / Cape Coral area. Normal Love has it and they do it very well. Mom tried the mint and the hazelnut before settling on the coffee-flavored gelato and enjoyed it very much.

As much as the polished truffles and the cheese danish looked great, nothing tastes as good as thin feels and I stuck to my keto guns.

Great service, lovely little spot. Comfy seating inside, some tables outside as well.

[Review 12331 overall, 2116 of 2019.]

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Link: Norman Love Confections – McGregor, Fort Myers, FL (11/19/19)

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