Whiskey Kitchen, Raleigh, NC (10/27/19)

I met up with a colleague here for after-work drinks and dinner. It’s a terrific space with a lovely open patio and when they open the big door, a beautiful dining area.

Cocktails out the wazoo, but I stuck with classics. First, a Manhattan and then second an Old Fashioned. Maybe not completely keto friendly but delicious and a nice light buzz for the meal.

I did get their cute little pickle jar to start and that was nice. Cucumbers, okra, onions, green beans, red peppers and even bits of corn on the cob, all pickled and all delicious.

For main course, we split the charcuterie plate and the Brussels sprouts. I stayed away from the bread, but the pimento cheese, cheese cubes and sliced meat was perfect. A nice high end starter or a good main course. The sprouts were nicely cooked and then a balsamic sweet glaze. Delicious.

Great little restaurant in the heart of downtown Raleigh, perfect for after-work drinks.

[Review 12153 overall, 1937 of 2019.]

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Link: Whiskey Kitchen, Raleigh, NC (10/27/19)

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