Moon Runners Saloon, Garner, NC (9/26/19)

I lucked out and arrived on Monday night when it was $6 burger night. A limited menu of their excellent burgers, and I chose the one topped with bacon and cheese and onion rings but LTO. With a side of cole slaw because I’m still enjoying my keto diet and losing weight.

Service was excellent. The burger was top quality and size. For $6.50 with tax? A complete bargain. As my server didn’t charge me for the soda (oops?), I gave him a $6.50 tip. Well worth it.

Great burger, nice little saloon theme going here.

[Review 11918 overall, 1700 of 2019.]

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Link: Moon Runners Saloon, Garner, NC (9/26/19)

2019-09-16 18.46.13

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