Zushi Bistro, Virginia Beach, VA (9/21/19)

I had a fantastic meal this evening at Zushi. Sitting at the sushi bar, the service was great. Attentive waitress who even poured my sauce sauce for me! Great to watch the experts as they sliced up some super fresh fish!

I chose the sunomono to start and it was a good portion of freshness with a tangy and spicy vinegar dressing and a good serving of snapper, shrimp and cucumber. Delicious.

Main course arrived, the sashimi platter. Tuna, salmon, white fish and some of that flounder that was sliced up only a few minutes prior. Nicely presented, very delicious, very enjoyable.

Lovely meal and I look forward to returning to Zushi.

[Review 11876 overall, 1658 of 2019.]

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Link: Zushi Bistro, Virginia Beach, VA (9/21/19)

2019-09-12 19.36.19

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