Perly’s, Richmond, VA (9/6/19)

I asked in Yelp Talk for restaurant recommendations and thanks to Wael D. I had breakfast this morning at Perly’s. I would not have expected to find a New York style deli in Richmond Virginia but I love surprises.

All the proper goodies on the menu that you might expect in Manhattan, from bagels with smoked salmon, babka chocolate cake, cheese blintzes and even, is that matzoh brei? Wow, my keto diet!

I wanted all of it and managed to stick to keto by getting the chopped liver appetizer (which is pretty much enough for a full meal) served with sliced boiled egg, chopped onion, cucumber and tomato and the most amazing rye bread. Yeah, I had a slice of that. It was worth it.

And then the main course arrived. Corned beef hash with two eggs and drizzled with Russian Hollandaise sauce. I was able to set most of the potatoes to the side to stay on diet but otherwise cleared the plate.

Good coffee, amazing menu, a true gem of a restaurant.

[Review 11760 overall, 1542 of 2019.]

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Link: Perly’s, Richmond, VA (9/6/19)

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