Backyard BBQ Pit, Durham, NC (8/20/19)

Delicious, delicious barbecue. Absolutely not a fancy place and you won’t be impressing your date with this joint. Unless they like really good ‘cue and then you’re golden.

Arriving in the peak of the lunch rush, I ordered the pork barbecue plate with an extra pork rib. Neatly packaged and layered with paper in the styrofoam, it was three hush puppies on top, the rib in the next and then my main course underneath.

I did try one of the hush puppies. They’re delicious. Still warm, very light, delicious. But not really good on the keto diet, so I did not eat the others.

The rib was delicious. Loaded in sauce, very moist, meaty, delicious. I could eat a whole plate of these.

Finally, the main course. Collard greens were good. Definitely fresh and tasty, there was one big stalk in there that I had to eat around but the rest was excellent. Cole slaw was wet and very finely chopped. Almost pureed. Tasty. The pulled pork needed absolutely no sauce. Very moist, very flavorful, this is perfect barbecue.

Great stuff at the Backyard BBQ Pit. I would definitely eat here again.

[Review 11639 overall, 1420 of 2019.]

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Link: Backyard BBQ Pit, Durham, NC (8/20/19)

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