Sushi Mon, Raleigh, NC (8/16/19)

Holy smokes. I had the most amazing sushi this evening at Sushi Mon and I am not kidding. Unquestionably five stars here for flavor, quantity and great service.

I sat at a table because I figured I would be on my phone the whole time. I probably should have sat at the sushi bar instead. Because the art being prepared there was amazing.

For dinner, I chose three plates. First, the salmon lettuce wrap which was amazing. Delicious and slightly messy but wow, full of flavor and texture. Second, a scallop cold plate that absolutely blew my taste buds away. Fabulous and a great portion. And for my main course, the 7 piece sashimi plate. My waiter pointed out each piece and the hand-ground wasabi (in addition to the usual powdered). Oh. My. This was insane and the two big pieces of perfect tuna were unbelievably delicious.

Possibly the best sashimi I have ever had. Certainly the best that I can remember. Just delicious.

Great service from my waiter. I think he introduced himself as Nakamoto. Friendly, helpful, attentive and knowledgeable.

Five stars, would be six, for Sushi Mon.

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Link: Sushi Mon, Raleigh, NC (8/16/19) 

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