The CODfather Proper Fish & Chips, North Charleston, SC (8/14/19)

Yes, I took the weekend off from my keto diet. I didn’t fall off the wagon, I jumped off and landed in carbs with both feet. And it was delicious, starting with the late lunch that we had today at the CODfather.

A proper chippie here, though they don’t serve it wrapped in newspaper. Clean paper wrap and paper bowls, but food safety is important and so that’s what we have to do.

My half-portion fish and chips was delicious. Light, fluffy, really hot, crisp and delicious. We got a curry sauce to share and that would have been the highlight except the rest of the meal was also excellent. My wife (a Brit from Bristol) enjoyed her mushy peas.

It’s not fancy, but that’s okay. We had an excellent meal and all were satisfied. Delicious!

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Link: The CODfather Proper Fish & Chips, North Charleston, SC (8/14/19)

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