Tandur Indian Kitchen, Charlotte, NC (8/9/19)

Full credit for Michael W’s ROTD and the picture of the chicken wings he posted that brought me here today. Worth it!

Order at the counter and get a number, this is fast casual Indian food. Nothing wrong with that because you can smell the curry and spices as soon as you walk in. The big tandori oven is behind glass so you know that you’re getting freshly baked naan bread!

I’m doing a keto diet so bread and rice don’t work well for me. But sure as heck, chicken wings absolutely do so I ordered those and took a seat. From there, I could see them being prepared in the kitchen and they were pulled from the oven and served hot.

Definitely hot, these are baked and not fried. A different flavor and texture than the usual wings but delicious. Indian spices and a little bit spicy, served with a pot of raita sauce (a yogurt-based thick sauce) and plated nicely. The six wings on the plate (half drums, half flats) were meaty and thick and absolutely yummy.

Good stuff at Tandur. And thanks, Michael!

[Review 11569 overall, 1349 of 2019.]

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Link: Tandur Indian Kitchen, Charlotte, NC (8/9/19)

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