Gasholder House Building, Troy, NY (7/30/19)

Another find, thanks to Atlas Obscura. There’s not much like this fabulous building but it is definitely not open to the public. There was a gent there today when we stopped by and he opened the main gates for us so that we could get pictures. The building itself is closed and secured. If you stop by after hours and the gate is locked, you can still get a good view.

So, what’s this about? The Troy Gasholder Building dates back to when coal gas was manufactured and it needed to be stored so that it could be used later to light streets and homes. The building has a brick structure and the tank inside (not there, as far as I know) was 100 feet in diameter and 22 feet high, which would store 330,000 cubic feet of gas.

Today, it’s next to a repair yard and in the middle of a neighborhood of brownstone looking homes. There is some street parking.

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Link: Gasholder House Building, Troy, NY (7/30/19)

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