Woodstock School of Art, Woodstock, NY (7/28/19)

We arrived well after the school was closed and there was no one here. I’d read on https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/woodstock-school-of-art-sculpture-garden about the sculptures and so we managed to find our way.

To the right of the school building, there’s a “Welcome to our Sculpture Park and Nature Tail” sign but not much nearby. Yep, the nature trail part and you’ll end up walking at least a half mile and maybe more before you start to spot the sculptures on a trail that branches off to the right.

If you’re here in the warmer weather, you’ll want to be prepared with some bug repellent spray as they were all around us today. But we managed to find the sculptures and enjoyed the trail.

I’m definitely a fan. Note that there is going to be limited cell coverage in this part of Woodstock, so as always, bring a friend when you’re hiking!

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Link: Woodstock School of Art, Woodstock, NY (7/28/19)

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