Honest Abe’s, Lincoln, NE (7/10/19)

Very, very, very good burger this afternoon. As tempted as I was to get the freedom fries, I was good on my keto program and stuck to the “Greatest Burger Ever.” Once delivered to me at my seat way in the back, I took off the bun and dug in. Yes, with knife and fork. Bacon, grilled onions, romaine lettuce, American cheese, “awesome sauce” and ketchup was a little messy and a lot delicious.

Abe’s isn’t fancy and there was a good bunch of families here with kids today. Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those things, we’re just setting expectations. And when you come to Abe’s, you should be expecting a delicious burger!

[Review 11392 overall, 1169 of 2019.]

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Link: Honest Abe’s, Lincoln, NE (7/10/19)

2019-07-05 13.21.51-1

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