Hartman Rock Garden, Springfield, OH (6/23/19)

Thanks to the Atlas Obscura map, I found this amazingly interesting roadside attraction. Maybe a ten minute detour from I-70 between Dayton and Columbus, it’s someone’s backyard in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Street parking is available.

A one-man creation, H.G. “Ben” Hartman was unemployed during the Great Depression and so he used his time to building this amazing wonderland. It is amazingly anachronistic here in Springfield Ohio. Nearly 20,000 stones, it includes Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, the White House and a large castle with a drawbridge. The effort here was clearly intense and it is a remarkable sight to see.

Entry to the Garden is free though they’ll cheerfully take your donations.

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Link: Hartman Rock Garden, Springfield, OH (6/23/19)

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