Nonla Burger, Kalamazoo, MI (6/16/19)

I don’t need fancy. I need good. And Nonla’s burger was more than good. It was great!

It’s a small place with a few tables inside and a very few tables outside. When I parked my car in front, the tables outside were occupied and folks were even eating in their car. I placed my order at the counter and lucked out with a table inside. Decorations are sparse but effective with the paces from a very old Life magazine posted on the walls.

I ordered today’s “special” which was a QUAD burger. Yes, four patties with cheese in between each and LTO. Perfect for my keto diet without the bun. They made a valiant attempt to do it in a lettuce wrap but I was already planning to knife and fork this monster. It was delicious! Wet, messy, very flavorful and the “Nonla sauce” was tasty too.

Pickles are a bit spicy but well worth it. Bottled and canned beverages only.

I would expect a small joint like this to be cash only but they do accept credit cards through Square.

Friendly service, clean restaurant. It’s not a “first date” sort of place but it is definitely a hidden gem.

[Review 11243 overall, 1019 of 2019.]

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Link: Nonla Burger, Kalamazoo, MI (6/16/19)

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