Wafels & More, Toronto, ON (5/10/19)

One stop on my desserts tour, how could I not have a waffle? Keto diet? Not today!

These are *authentic* Belgian waffles made by an expatriate Belgian who moved to Toronto to fill this specific food gap. And he’s imported actual Belgian waffle irons and equipment to ensure the full and proper experience. The shop is decorated with pictures and articles from Brussels – I recognized some of the images from my trip there year before last.

I chose the Belgian chocolate and banana waffle, which of course includes whipped cream. The full waffle is $8.99, but I had only a half as part of the desserts tour. Though looking over the menu, I’m feeling like the Canadian waffle would have been more awesome, with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. So much sugar!

It. Was. Amazing. Fluffy, crunchy, chewy, sweet and absolutely delicious!

[Review 11010 overall, 783 of 2019.]

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Link: Wafels & More, Toronto, ON (5/10/19)

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