The Butcher’s Son, Chesapeake, VA (4/9/19)

Five star dinner tonight at The Butcher’s Son in Chesapeake. I sat at the bar where I was well taken care of by Kaya. She was very busy with bar customers and a couple of the nearby tables, but there was a lot of hustle and she apologized profusely for making me wait (I didn’t wait, really). I did not have a reservation, so rather than wait at the hostess stand, I went right to an open seat at the bar.

Nice list of macro beers and some extremely local ones. I chose one from Virginia Beach brewery Wasserhund and it went well with the steak.

Oh, the steak. I think this was one of the best ones I’ve had out in the last six months at least and I’ve had a lot of steaks. 16 ounce ribeye was flavorful, cooked perfectly to medium rare, super tender and delicious. A true stunner, and with the broccolini and asparagus, a perfect keto-friendly meal. The very hot horseradish with it really helped bring out the flavor as well.

Great service, amazing steak, five stars for sure.

[Review 10820 overall, 588 of 2019.]

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Link: The Butcher’s Son, Chesapeake, VA (4/9/19)

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