Princi, Milano, IT (3/22/19)

A little confusing as to how the queue worked (do I wait over there or over here?) but other than that, the usual pointing at one of the breakfast sandwiches and “double espresso” worked wonders. The young lady taking orders understood enough English for that.

Excellent coffee (how did I manage skip getting coffee yesterday??) that got me going despite the six hour jet lag. With the coffee, the breakfast sandwich gave me the energy I needed for another walking tour of Milan.

This small cafe has seating and a free wifi (the code was printed on the receipt) so I sat for a bit to catch my bearings and work out the plan of attack for the rest of the day.

[Review 10707 overall, 475 of 2019.]

Previous: Sforza Castle and Sempione Park, Milano, IT (3/19/19)

Link: Princi, Milano, IT (3/22/19)

2019-03-16 09.04.40



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