Seoul Poke Bowl, Charlotte, NC (3/3/19)

I do like this invasion of Poke that we’re seeing in Charlotte. As someone on a keto diet, the customizable options that Poke offers makes it super easy to have a relatively carb-free and guilt-free meal.

Today, I started with a salad base, added tuna and salmon, cucumber and cilantro and then the spicy mayo with a light dusting of sesame seeds. It was delicious! Fresh tasting and with a nice zing to it, this was almost completely on my program.

The restaurant is clean and the young man who put my bowl together was quick and efficient. Yum!

[Review 10598 overall, 366 of 2019.]

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Link: Seoul Poke Bowl, Charlotte, NC (3/3/19)

2019-03-02 14.59.09-1

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