Chick-fil-A – Hapeville Dwarf House, Hapeville, GA (2/24/19)

I had no idea that this awesome place existed until my friend brought me here for Saturday morning breakfast. We stuck to the table service side which had a brief wait until two seats at the counter opened up.

Extended menu beyond what is regularly at CFA including burgers, ham and eggs, grilled cheese and even a steak platter. Lemon pie? So tempting but not on my keto diet today. I stuck with that and just got the CFA chicken breast with eggs and cheese. No home fries for me either.

We had great service from a friendly and overworked waitress who brought coffee, huge cups of water and even ran over to the CFA side for a buffalo sauce for me (only 1 g of carbohydrates!).

There’s a separate queue for table service than for the regular CFA side and there’s also an extended menu. If you’re waiting for a table, keep an eye on the other side so that folks don’t accidentally cut the line.

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Link: Chick-fil-A – Hapeville Dwarf House, Hapeville, GA (2/24/19)

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