Bloomin’ Bean Coffee Bar, Blytheville, SC (2/18/19)

I’ve stopped in Blythewood a couple of times in the past as it’s a nice break in between Columbia and Charlotte on I-85, but I never managed to find the Bloomin’ Bean until now. I’m glad we did.

This is a cute little coffee shop that shares the space with a florist. A short hop off the highway, they have enough parking for the size of the shop. Free wifi worked well.

As for the coffee, we had a properly prepared americano. As it’s supposed to be, espresso and hot water. Very hot, very right, the tiniest bit of cream on top and it was perfect. With it a biscotti from the cookie jar on the counter. The young gent who made our coffee was pleasant and smiling.

Definitely will make Bloomin’ Bean a regular stop on I-77.

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Link: Bloomin’ Bean Coffee Bar, Blytheville, SC (2/18/19)

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