Manchester City Library, Manchester, NH (2/11/19)

I spent about two hours here, quietly working away on my laptop and enjoying the mostly peaceful environment of the library. With noise cancelling headphones, it was very quiet and a great place to get some laptop done and perhaps even write a few Yelp reviews.

A beautiful building, especially the central rotunda. Many stacks of books, organized as they are in a library and a big display of periodicals. Several workstations available. I did not happen to see easily accessible power outlets near the tables.

As it’s the middle of a very cold winter, quite a few people in here to get warm and stay warm. There is metered street parking nearby.

[Review 10485 overall, 252 of 2019.]

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Link: Manchester City Library, Manchester, NH (2/11/19)

2019-02-04 10.13.05

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