Weathervane Seafood Restaurant, Nashua, NH (2/11/19)

In the mood for a lobster roll, I stopped into Weathervane for the New Hampshire equivalent. Reasonable service, though perhaps a little slow when there were not many other tables occupied in the restaurant. Sunday afternoon slow, perhaps.

My lobster roll was very nicely packed with big pieces of lobster. Served cold as is appropriate and on the usual toasted hot dog bun. A good portion. The cole slaw (instead of un-keto fries) with it was decent though quite wet. Some pepper was needed to give it some real flavor.

Overall, a reasonable sized lobster roll in a nice seafood restaurant.

[Review 10479 overall, 246 of 2019.]

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Link: Weathervane Seafood Restaurant, Nashua, NH (2/11/19)

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