Akitas, Lemoyne, PA (1/27/19)

Sashimi for dinner tonight in the Harrisburg area, great and friendly service at Akitas where my order was taken promptly after I was seated. My salad arrived right after and then my sashimi dinner. Speedy but not rushed.

The Kani Salad was excellent, with spicy crab, cucumber and a little bit of mayo. Just a little hint of spice and a lot of flavor, it was awesome and I really wanted more.

But then my plate of sashimi arrived. Twelve quite large pieces of fish including tuna and salmon, it was delicious and I enjoyed every bite.

I liked Akitas. Good fish at a decent price. Nice and friendly.

[Review 10389 overall, 156 of 2019.]

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Link: Akitas, Lemoyne, PA (1/27/19)

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