Biscuit Head, Asheville, NC (1/21/19)

My friend Elizabeth suggested this one. She’s done a number of videos and interviews with food and wine creators that are worth watching.

Anyway, here we are on a Saturday morning and I was expecting it to be super busy. When I arrived at 10 AM, the line was only to the door. When I left at 10:40 AM, it was out the door and around the corner. It’s worth it.

I chose the Asheville Benedict and added a side of fried green tomatoes. This is one of those times that being on a keto diet was a challenge because the biscuit looked so good. I ended up eating just a little bit of it and it was delicious. Light and fluffy and buttery. But I did not add any of the jams or spreads from the jam bar, which was twice as tempting and ten times as carb-laded. So if you’re not on keto, Biscuit Head is for you.

My Asheville Benedict was a stacked high pile of fresh tomatoes and poached eggs and Hollandaise and a tasty salad on top of a very large split biscuit. Delicious and it did not take very long to be brought to my table at all. Perfectly yummy! The tomatoes were not as hot as being fresh from the fryer but they were delicious with just a drop of hot sauce.

Definitely a great breakfast in Asheville. Yum!

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Link: Biscuit Head, Asheville, NC (1/21/19)

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