Haywood Smokehouse, Dillsboro, NC (1/20/19)

I don’t quite understand how so many folks have landed here at Haywood Smokehouse. Sylva and Dillsboro are barely on the map and neither is close to anything metropolitan. Yet here we are. And I’ll admit that I made the trek here based on their appearance on the Yelp 2019 list.

Excellent service from the hostess and from my waitress. Not intrusive but friendly and I had no wait on a Friday night during the peak of the rush hour. They do have a short beer list and so I chose one to drink with my ‘cue.

It didn’t take long for a pile of chopped pork and three ribs to arrive. The pork was excellent and very tender. Flavorful and not needing any sauce at all. The ribs were very meaty though a bit dry.

For sides, the cole slaw was very good and the collard greens were tender. Both a little wet but tasty and tangy.

They offer table sauces but the ribs really needed only a very little bit and the pork needed none at all.

Small parking lot next door and there is a covered area for waiting. Tables only inside, no bar stools or counter. It’s a little loud.

All told, I can understand why Haywood has such a high rating but I’m still puzzled by why there are so many of them!

[Review 10349 overall, 115 of 2019.]

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Link: Haywood Smokehouse, Dillsboro, NC (1/20/19)

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