Sassafras Mountain, Sunset, SC (1/19/19)

The highest point in all of the Palmetto State, Sassafras stands tall at 3553 feet. While that’s not much of a mountain, it’s still pretty tall. Not as tall as the highest point east of the Mississippi which is the nearby Mount Mitchell in North Carolina but certainly taller than the highest points in Florida and Delaware and even North Dakota. Boom, suck it y’all!

The mountain is easily accessible by road and just short of the peak is a small parking lot. I was here in January 2019 and there’s some construction underway to make a proper observation point at the summit. It looks like it’s going to be super awesome but we’re not there yet.

Great view on a clear day and while today wasn’t the clearest, it was still possible to see for a very long way. Love it!

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Link: Sassafras Mountain, Sunset, SC (1/19/19)

2019-01-18 17.22.21-1

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