Publix Super Market, Cape Coral, FL (1-14-2019)

This Publix is closest to my brother’s house so when I was craving something that wasn’t in his pantry, it was an easy skip to get here and pick up some ground beef and sliced cheese and such to make burgers. Not that there’s anything wrong with what’s in his pantry, of course!

Parking lot was clean, cart corrals out there were empty and the inside of the store was brightly lit and tidy. Plenty of carts inside to grab. Deli counter was clean and well stocked, meat bunkers were full of all kinds of proteins. Wine and beer, also well stocked and well leveled.

Checking out was easy, the self-checkout machines were working fine and I had no issues.

I do enjoy Publix and this is a great one.

[Review 10309 overall, 74 of 2019.]

Link: Publix Super Market, Cape Coral, FL (1-14-2019)

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2019-01-08 17.51.38

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