Havana Libre, Naples, FL (1-12-2019)

Dinner and we decided on Cuban. Decent service and the comped calimari appetizer was appreciated. Breaded octopus rings with a tangy dipping sauce. I didn’t eat too many of them (anything breaded isn’t on a keto diet) but they were tasty.

For main course, I chose the Palomilla Steak. A decent portion of flat skirt steak, seasoned and topped with grilled onions. For sides, they have lots of starches – rice and beans, rice, beans, different beans, yucca and plantains – but there at the end is avocado. So for my two sides with the steak, I had avocado and avocado. The steak was delicious and cooked closer to well than medium, but still tasty.

Nice, clean restaurant. They have a bar, a half-dozen or so televisions and booths or tables. Comfortable.

[Review 10293 overall, 57 of 2019.]

Link: Havana Libre, Naples, FL (1-12-2019)

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2019-01-04 17.58.49

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