Sawgrass Expressway Deerfield, Deerfield, FL (1-11-2019)

An excellent way to bypass much of the headache and drama of I-95 through the Fort Lauderdale area, the Sawgrass Expressway opened in 1986 and runs for about 24 miles west and north of Fort Lauderdale. If you are headed from Palm Beach County to west Dade County or to Alligator Alley, this is a serious timesaver.

The Expressway is a six-lane limited access with not too many exits between the start and finish. At the moment, the tolls run $2.68 for the toll-by-plate or $2.14 if you have a Sunpass-compliant system. The exits are electronic only, there are no tolltakers. There are only gantries that read transponders and take pictures of license plates for later billing.

The highway isn’t perfect – the northern end of it in Deerfield is a regular six-lane street with traffic lights and traffic before it connects to I-95. There are plans to build an elevated express lane, but who knows if that will actually happen.

Typical Florida drivers, some shithead in a white panel van took the right turn lane at Powerline but decided to merge into traffic instead which cut me off. There needs to be a cop here to catch and penalize these dangerous drivers.

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