Lynx Parkwood Station, Charlotte, NC (1-1-2019)

This station on the north arm of the LYNX line sits in the middle of an up-and-coming residential neighborhood. Lots of construction here of condos and apartments and townhouses, but very few commercial businesses. There isn’t a coffee shop or a restaurant very near to the station.

The platforms for this station are fully handicapped accessible. There are some benches with a small amount of cover available. The platforms are on opposite sides of the tracks, so the doors of the train will open on the right side.

There is no parking here other than some street parking, which for the moment isn’t metered or marked very well.

Parkwood is between 9th Street (towards uptown) and 25th Street (towards University).

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Link: Lynx Parkwood Station, Charlotte, NC (1-1-2019)

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