SLS Brickell, Miami, FL (1-7-2019)

Not staying in the hotel, but visiting friends who were. We spent a good amount of time on the pool deck and in their cabana.

The pools are a dozen or so floors up in the air and exposed to a lot of sunlight despite being surrounded by taller buildings. This also allows a nice breeze to pass by and it’s high enough to avoid much of the sirens and street noise down below.

We ordered some lunch and as things tend to be, it was spendy. A couple of salads, a pizza, some soft drinks, we were over the $100 mark. Yikes. It is worth noting that things are cooked downstairs and brought up to the pool bar, so keep that in mind.

Also, the SLS Brickell is not the SLS Lux. They’re different properties a couple of blocks from each other.

[Review 10264 overall, 27 of 2019.]

Link: SLS Brickell, Miami, FL (1-7-2019)

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