Casa Tua Cucina, Miami, FL (1-7-2019)

I partly enjoyed this dinner and partly did not. The concept is definitely interesting. It’s sort of a food court with a number of different counters. Sandwiches over here, main courses over there, gelato, coffee, salads, pick your counter and pick your meal. Pay, get a number, wait for it to be delivered.

I opted for the branzino and a side of the grilled asparagus. It didn’t take long to be delivered and by that time, my mom’s pasta had arrived. She enjoyed hers, a good portion. My fish was perfectly filleted and cooked. Delicious. The asparagus was a little smoky but good.

The only reason I can’t give Casa Tua Cucina a fifth star is the noise. Why does the music have to be playing at 80 decibels (I know that because my phone has an app). Too loud for a proper dinner conversation. Maybe crank it down a couple of notches and it will be better.

[Review 10269 overall, 32 of 2019.]

Link: Casa Tua Cucina, Miami, FL (1-7-2019)

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