Blackstone Shooting Sports, Charlotte, NC (1-5-2019)

Excellent gun shop and a very professional looking range. Lots of displays of firearms for sale and racks and racks of accessories. Big corner of well stocked ammunition in all the usual and less-usual flavors.

There are tables for sitting while you wait for your turn at the range with vending machines offering snacks. Big glass between the waiting area and one of the pistol bays, where I watched a couple of folks putting holes in paper. There were two range officers watching and supervising.

Prices on the pistols looked competitive, at least for the models I am familiar with. They also have shotguns and rifles that go from cheap to super expensive. Lots of optics on display.

Great looking shop.

[Review 10257 overall, 20 of 2019.]

Link: Blackstone Shooting Sports, Charlotte, NC (1-5-2019)

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