10 Twenty Five, Cape Coral, FL (1-5-2019)

A burger and a beer was what I fancied and 10-Twentyfive hit the spot. They have a nice and wide variety of beers here and something I’ve never had before went into a glass and down my gullet. A tasty brew and I would bet that by the time you get here, that one will be gone and be replaced by something just as good so I won’t even bother to give you the name.

For dinner, the build-a-burger worked quite well minus the bun and pub fries. Cheese, grilled mushrooms, fried onions plus the usual LTO. Plated nicely and cooked to order, I was able to be keto-friendly and have a good meal.

Definitely will return.

[Review 10260 overall, 23 of 2019.]

Link: 10 Twenty Five, Cape Coral, FL (1-5-2019)

Previous: McCormick & Co., Sparks Glencoe, MD (1-5-2019)



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