King Fish Poke, Charlotte, NC (1-3-2019)

I’ve been to a few poke spots on the East Coast but none in Hawaii so I can only tell you that this one is consistent with the themes I’ve seen and might not be close to traditional.

Poke is similar to the assembly line sort of thing that’s been popularized and commoditized with Subway and Chipotle. You start at one end of the line, pick your base, and as you go down the rest of the line, add toppings or mix-ins until you’re at the register. Easy and simple.

King Fish Poke offers salads and burritos and bowls with a handful of different proteins including fresh salmon and tuna, toppings including seaweed salad and cucumber and carrots and edamame, then add some sauce with a flavor. It’s easy, it feels super healthy and it’s delicious.

As I’m working my way through a keto-friendly diet, I stuck to the salad base adding salmon and tuna with cucumber and cilantro and red cabbage, topping it with the wasabi aioli that was rather spicy. A big bowl of food and very delicious.

The shop is super clean and the guys working the line are friendly and speedy.

[Review 10249 overall, 12 of 2019.]

Link: King Fish Poke, Charlotte, NC (1-3-2019)

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