Lynx 36th Street Station, Charlotte, NC (1-2-2019)

36th Street is the closest LYNX station to the NoDa neighborhood. This is awesome because you can get a Lyft to a station closer to you, ride the LYNX here and back, then Lyft back to home. And there’s no worries about your blood alcohol percentage. How awesome is that?

This is an island platform with the tracks on both sides. It is elevated above the street level (36th street goes below) so it could perhaps be a little exposed to the weather. The station is handicapped accessible and there are audible/visual announcements of the next train in either direction. There are also automated ticketing kiosks at both end of the platform.

There is no parking here but there is a large vacant space. So maybe there will be parking later?

36th Street Station is between 25th Street Station (towards Uptown) and Sugar Creek Station (toward University).

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Link: Lynx 36th Street Station, Charlotte, NC (1-2-2019)

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