Queen City Wings, Charlotte, NC (12-29-2018)

Queen City Wings is by no means a fancy place. They have wings (and fries) and they have a couple of tables. That’s it. What more do you need?

My daughter wanted wings and so we headed here. It’s a simple storefront. The gent behind the counter took our order and we paid (Square) then took a seat. Our wings were cooked right then and there, sauced as requested and handed over. It didn’t take but five minutes.

One dozen buffalo and one dozen lemon pepper. Meaty, hot, the buffalo was hot and the lemon pepper was both lemony and peppery. We still had a few left over and the gent was happy to hand over a small box and another sauce for us to take to go.

The sauces are packets – Ken’s Blue Cheese Dressing and the like – but at least then you know what you’re getting. As opposed to a what pours out of a giant jar at other wing places.

Bathroom was bathroom. I just needed to wash my hands and not smear buffalo sauce on the steering wheel.

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