Arboretum Shopping Center, Charlotte, NC (12-29-2018)

Imagine what would happen if just before you designed the layout of a shopping center, you decided to drop a big tab of acid. And then just as it started to take effect, you started to draw out the design. I’ve never done acid, and I’ve never designed a shopping center, but the Arboretum is what occurs to me if I’d done either of those things.

This shopping center is really four separate layouts that were built and conjoined. It’s massive, it’s confusing, it’s hard to find places, and it’s especially hard to find places. Yeah, I repeated myself. Remember, I’m doing acid here.

Thankfully, there are a number of signs at the intersections pointing your way to the larger stores. Arboretum is anchored by a Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond and a Harris Teeter. A movie theater, plenty of food and restaurants from small to fancy, and lots of retail.

The store is at the south/west corner of Providence Road and Pineville-Matthews Road. There are plenty of entrances and exits, two of which have traffic lights to help with crossing the traffic.

Very few empty shops here, which means that the plaza is doing well financially. That’s a good thing.

[Review 10232 overall, 1820 of 2018.]

Link: Arboretum Shopping Center, Charlotte, NC (12-29-2018)

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