Canine Cafe, Charlotte, NC (12-28-2018)

Stopped in for some Christmas presents for our doggies. This is a small shop but they are very well stocked with all sorts of stuff. Some of it mass produced, some of it very small batch produced. Cookies, chews, rawhides (including ones that one mess up your dog’s digestive system) and dog-safe cakes. Yep, if your Spot or Fido has a birthday, you can pick up a doggie cake here.

They also have toys and leashes and collars and big bags of food and fresh food in the cooler too.

The woman running the shop is super nice and very happy to help.

We picked up some chews and two cookies and a bag of canabinoids that we’re hoping will help with the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

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Link: Canine Cafe, Charlotte, NC (12-28-2018)

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