John’s Diner, New Cumberland, PA (12-27-2018)

Conveniently located diner at the intersection of I-76 and I-83. Not hard to find at all, the sign is right at the intersection and they’re at the northwest of the intersection.

It’s a diner, so expect diner food. Stick to those classics and you’ll be fine. I had a very nice breakfast, a “Greek” omelet with gyro meat and onions and tomatoes, served with a pot of tzatziki sauce. As I’m going a keto thing, this worked out pretty well.

Initial service was quick and the food came out fast, but it did take a bit after my meal to catch my waitress’ attention. Be patient, these folks are working hard.

[Review 10225 overall, 1812 of 2018.]

Link: John’s Diner, New Cumberland, PA (12-27-2018)

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2018-12-21 09.09.36

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