The Peppermill Family Restaurant, Mechanicsburg, PA (12-26-2018)

Probably the best breakfast I had this week in Camp Hill, we headed to the Peppermill which is diner-style and no complaints. I opted for the “meat lover’s skillet” minus the home fries. A reasonable portion of eggs and ham and bacon and sausage, topped with cheese. It definitely would have filled out the skillet more with the potatoes but not on my low carb-diet.

My dining partner enjoyed my toast and with it, he had three blueberry pancakes. He said that they were moist and well loaded with blueberries. I could see that they were quite large, a stack of three is a full meal by themselves.

Service was good and we definitely overtipped our breakfast waitress.

Definitely would return to Peppermill when I’m back in the area.

[Review 10219 overall, 1806 of 2018.]

Link: The Peppermill Family Restaurant, Mechanicsburg, PA (12-26-2018)

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