Neato Burrito, Mechanicsburg, PA (12-26-2018)

Very nice lunch. Keto so no rice or beans or tortilla, so the young lady working that part of the assembly line did double meat.

Lunch today with a colleague. It’s hard to go wrong with an $8 burrito if they’re using quality ingredients and Neato Burrito is using quality. Leaps and bounds better than that other burrito place named after a pepper, this was quite delicious.

Similar assembly-line technique though. Start at the top with “salad or burrito or bowl.” They’re currently out of Romaine due to the issues with suppliers, so salads are out. I got a bowl with pork. When I told the young lady behind the counter that I was doing keto so no rice and beans, she added more pork to it! Awesome!

On to the toppings dude, who added two salsas and cucumbers and onions.

Pay for it, get a cup for water (or pay for a drink from the fountain or cooler) and grab a seat.

This. Was. Awesome. Delicious. Clean flavor. Lots of deliciousness and plenty of meat. I was stuffed and not hungry for hours.

[Review 10221 overall, 1808 of 2018.]

Link: Neato Burrito, Mechanicsburg, PA (12-26-2018)

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