Federal Taphouse, Camp Hill, PA (12-25-2018)

Dinner with a colleague here which was definitely better for having beer after our last experience that did not have any beer. A huge fine-printed beer menu, organized by type and title with descriptions. I didn’t count the list, but there’s probably a hundred on here.

Starters are pretzels and other bar food sort of starches, but I ordered the Brussels sprouts. They were quite good though in a sweet sauce that was probably the opposite of keto-friendly.

Main course, I stuck with more basic and chose their Bibb Salad plus grilled chicken. Also a sweet dressing (ugh, my carb count!) but still tasty with onions and avocado and bacon with watermelon radish slices and a boiled egg. Tasty.

If you’re trying to stick with low carb eating, a taphouse isn’t going to do you so well. You’ll be close but not quite. Still, the good is tasty, the beer list is long and the service was good. They also do have a free wifi.

[Review 10215 overall, 1802 of 2018.]

Link: Federal Taphouse, Camp Hill, PA (12-25-2018)

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