Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Camp Hill, PA (12-25-2018)

Lunch today from Dickey’s because it seemed to be about as “keto-friendly” as I’m going to get in this part of town. Meat and such is usually quite good and so this was where we landed for chain barbecue.

Service was good, you place your order with the meat slicer and then there’s a sides person who adds to your platter. It’s all served on a was paper-covered tray which sure makes it easy for them and it’s pretty close to traditional Texas too.

I chose a two-meat plate, brisket and turkey. While they do have huge dispensers for sauces, it’s usually got a lot of sugar so I went without. The meat was a little dry but it was decently flavorful. The brisket had some fat to it (I was not asked how “moist”) and it’s a reasonable lunch-sized service. Green beans were thoroughly cooked and tasty if way overdone. Cole slaw was fine, nothing special.

I like that they have pickles and white onions on their fixins bar. Having just returned from Austin, Dickey’s is working hard to keep it close to the proper Texas barbecue joint.

Service was good, portion was good, food was good. It’s not “as good as it gets” but I can safely say that I’m a fan.

[Review 10214 overall, 1801 of 2018.]

Link: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Camp Hill, PA (12-25-2018)

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